By Delia Ruelas

To inform young people, the State Commission on Human Rights of Baja California, in coordination with the Municipal Youth Institute, gave a talk titled «History of Women’s Human Rights.»

During this talk, reflections were made on the stages of the struggle for equity, as well as the importance that these have had in the establishment of more human rights.

The importance of imparting this topic to young people lies in identifying the struggles led by past generations for the benefit of the current one, said Israel Duran, the director of the institute.

He emphasized the responsibility of the current generation in defending the rights gained and fighting to preserve them.

The «History of Women’s Human Rights» has been forged through various stages of the struggle for equity, he said.

The effort extends from the first waves of feminism in the 19th century, where the right to vote and legal equality were sought, to the consolidation of reproductive rights in the 20th century, where women have faced obstacles to ensure their rights.

The importance of this history lies in its impact on the construction of more rights for everyone.

The feminist struggle has contributed to legal, social, and cultural changes, opening spaces for the active participation of women in all aspects of life, he said.

 The achievement of rights such as equal pay, the eradication of gender-based violence, and equal access to education are tangible results of this persistent struggle for gender equity.