By Juan Pablo Sebastián

In response to ongoing projects by the Rosarito City Council, the Committee Pro Municipality has requested that the Municipal Institute of Planning (IMPLAN) ensure that development proceeds in an orderly manner.

In a document sent to the IMPLAN head, Raúl Aragón, the committee asks that, considering the impact of development on the Magisterial neighborhood and downtown area, roadway projects ensure mobility without compromising quality of life.

One request is for a pedestrian crossing on the new Magisterial to allow students to safely cross the toll road.

Another is to add a third lane in both directions on the Scenic Highway from  PEMEX to La Paloma, with entrance and exit access to the Scenic Highway.

Requests also include the rehabilitation, reconstruction or expansion of sidewalks in the areas with the highest pedestrian traffic, including students from Abraham Lincoln, Benito Juárez, Secondary School 32, and COBACH, to reduce the risk of being hit by vehicles.

Another request is to ensure the proper enforcement of building regulations and to combat street encroachments in the area.

«In summary, we wish to express that we do not oppose the growth of Rosarito in any way, but we will defend that it occurs in an orderly manner,» the document states