By Delia Ruelas

The need for maintenance on a stretch of the Scenic Road through Rosarito is evident, and people have urged city officials to help manage it, as this roadway falls under federal jurisdiction.

Potholes have formed before and after heavy rains, and there is a noticeable unevenness in the south-to-north lane, in the stretch that connects from the Pemex bridge to the exit to the Tourist Zone, some said

Additionally, preventive maintenance is required in various sections of the road.

Users of this stretch have pointed out that the federal roadway is a fundamental part of the city’s mobility.

They consider it a fast route from the Baja California Center Convention Center (BCC) to La Misión Beach, passing through important areas in Primo Tapia and Puerto Nuevo, places visited by people coming to Baja.

Postings on social media have asked city officials to manage maintenance because, even though this roadway falls under federal jurisdiction, municipal officials should help solve the problems that arise here.

What’s the point of wanting to remain in power and continue to administer Rosarito if there is no sense of service, asked citizen Carlos Acosta.