By Delia Ruelas

As part of its anniversary, the civic group Casa Colitas is requesting permits for a monument promoting responsible pet ownership, in the space where it sets up its adoption booth in Pabellon Rosarito.

«We requested from Pabellón Rosarito to install a monument to dogs, in the same place where we set up the adoption booth,” said the group’s founder Julio, who urged citizens to participate in the project.

“The monument would be the first one in existence in Rosarito. But it would be excellent if one were in all the municipalities of Baja California. We believe there will be no problem in installing it and it will be authorized.»

Among the work carried out by the association since its formation, highlights include the adoption of more than 130 puppies and small breeds rescued from the streets, and feeding more than four 400 dogs on the streets.

Food has also been donated since 2023 to other shelters and people with limited resources so they can feed their pets.

Talks against animal abuse have been held, the latest one at Cetys University, and during 2024 there are two talks pending in Rosarito at different schools, as well as other activities and projects.

It is the only association that goes to the streets to bury dogs killed by accidents or poisoning or animal cruelty.