By Delia Ruelas 


Road infrastructure should be reinforced and developed to generate investments and promote Rosarito as a tourist destination in the coastal zone, real estate agents say.

This was expressed by the local president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), Mar Picasso, who said that the development of infrastructure, the responsibility of the three levels of government, should be prioritized.

«We expect state and municipal authorities to provide good infrastructure and security throughout Rosarito, as it is an extremely important tourist destination and we must take care of it, especially because the American community is very strong in Rosarito,” the official said.

 “We need to have good infrastructure on our roads to prevent flooding during the rainy season.»

She also cited the need to provide better security and prevent police extortion, which has been an inhibitor for investments.

«Extortion is certainly a hindrance,” she said. “We must not scare away our visitors or those who become our residents. That’s why security is important not only for tourists but also for citizens. We cannot live in fear.»

Regarding the peso-dollar exchange, she noted that agents have recorded effects due to the low price of the dollar, an impact reported not only by real estate agents but also by buyers who have opted for lower selling prices, leading to a decrease in sales and rental capacity.

«The fall of the dollar has affected us greatly, as we consider that 90 percent of the transactions for both sales and rentals are from the American market,» she stated that this impact was reported throughout the past year.

While they remain hopeful that authorities will reinforce infrastructure development and security, agents will focus on three goals this year to continue to position Rosarito as an investment destination in the coastal area.

One goal is to certify agents so that they obtain their real estate license, which is a significant challenge because currently there are only 25 licensed agents in the coastal area.

«It is very important that those who are operating without a real estate license become regulated,» she said.

Another goal is to continue the training offered by the association to stay informed and updated constantly to provide better service.

A thirds goal is to consolidate their listings to work together to share properties and provide better service to clients.