By Juan Pablo Sebastián

More than 30,000 spring breakers are expected to arrive each weekend during the upcoming 2024 March-April spring break season, said César Rivera, the president of the Rosarito Tourism and Conventions Committee.

He said that COTUCO is collaborating with tour operator companies to bring in young American students, although many of them will come on their own.

«There will indeed be a busy season,” he said. “We are in discussions with promoters and tour operators, identifying the companies willing to bring spring breakers. It will be a good season as it coincides with Easter week.»

Mr. Rivera mentioned that some of the companies have previously worked with COTUCO, including a San Francisco-based company that has expressed interest.

He emphasized that it won’t be just a party and beach-oriented spring break event but rather a longer-stay tourism, which will bring greater benefits to the tourism sector.

Additionally, efforts are being made to revive «encapsulated tourism» with tour operator companies, where packages include transportation, accommodation, and entertainment.

«We are aiming to reinvigorate those promoters who bring encapsulated tourism,” he said. “We will hold a meeting with hoteliers to finalize rates that can be offered because it is a challenge for us to provide attractive rate options.»