Club De Niños Y Niñas De Rosarito, A.C.

• Over 10 years in operation

• Over 4000 kids have been attended

• All of our kids have developed success

• The Club has over 25,000 square feet of construction

• “Let there be light” coming very VERY soon!

The Boys & Girls Club of Rosarito team are gearing up for the January – June 2022 Semester, making it the 10th year running! Club de Niños y Niñas de Rosarito, A.C. nonprofit organization whose Mission is to Inspire and Empower kids and young adults, especially those in disadvantage, to develop their potential, and create responsible, committed and productive citizens.

These past years have been incredibly hard on us, and even more so on our underprivileged kids. They have had no opportunity to develop properly in all aspects of life. At the Club we open the doors and give our kids the tools and opportunity to do so. We open their eyes & doors to great futures. Here we have attended and developed positively over 4,000 kids! Whereas we can proudly say most of them have been successful in different ways: academically, in sports and or music, for example: we have Track & Field State and International Champions, Academic Overachievers, Community Leaders, and even musicians in the Baja Junior Orchestra!

The CLUB has over 25,000 square feet of construction PLUS many areas for our kids to develop their skills alongside the fabulous team of instructors (some volunteers). We are able to give different types of workshops, including: English, Math, reading /writing catch up programs, football, softball, swimming (in the Rosarito Beach Hotel pools), music, and many more.

All these for only $5 dlls x month!

There are still those who do not know us, and even more people that do not believe us! Sometimes we don't believe it either!

In addition to these, our “Let there be light” program is almost a reality! We have been working to get the electric power of CFE into our Club. For these past 10 years we have been operating with solar panels but now need to upgrade. Thus far, we have now installed 11 electric posts, all the cables and wiring necessary (over 400 yards), we have also now installed the main transformer power box, and are finishing up all the electric work at the CLUB to the specific CFE connectors.

So be ready when we officially “TURN ON THE SWITCH” CEREMONY!

Come visit our Club, be a witness to our kids´ daily improvements. You can also become a volunteer, or even a Sponsor to them! We have our tax deductibility in the USA and in Mexico so you can happily donate. Please visit the CLUB´s website at WWW.CLUBROSARITO.ORG, or feel free to call the founder and president Rosy Torres 661.850.1773. Club de Niños y Niñas de Rosarito, A.C., nonprofit organization is currently (and always) looking for volunteers and Sponsors! Come see us and help us make a believer out of everyone!

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