Where Luxury Meets The Sea

Our first up-close-and-personal trip to the remarkable Palacio de Mar was a revelation.  We were overwhelmed by everything that we discovered during that initial visit over a year ago but that did not truly prepare us for what has since occurred at this truly very special place. Yes, as we mentioned back then, its beauty exceeds expectations but that’s only part of the story.

Driving along either coastal road (the ‘cuota’or the ‘libre’), you get an idea of what a closer inspection will reveal but words do not do justice to the experience. But we’ll do our best with our words-eye view.

What’s new since oiur visit in 2016? First of all the first tower is almost completely sold out (more on that later). The second adjacent tower, both its superstructure & façade, is also well on its way to completion. Only one of the spectacular three-bedroom oceanfront villas (#6) is still available for sale. In addition, a world class oceanfront-restaurant (Esperanza)has been constructed within the repurposed original sales office building. The cuisine is as spectacular as the view.

The last unit sold in tower one went to a couple that had lived in Baja for the past 17 years in two wonderful communities (Las Gaviotas and Las Ventanas) but now wanted to move into what has become acknowledged to be our peninsula’s premier on-the-water address

What makes ownership at Palacio del Mar so special? If only the best will do, then you’ve arrived at the right address. An example of this relentless pursuit of excellence would be the care taken to provide its owners with the best indoor swimming experience available. A 25 meter, PH balanced (salt water), pool is just one exemplary attention to detail that you won’t find anywhere else in the area, a unique feature that only PdM’s residents will enjoy.

By the way, it’s interesting to note that, as part of the Sales Agreement with those who have purchased in the 1st building, all the units must be sold before those available in subsequent  buildings (2, 3 and 4) can be offered for sale. Management is highly motivated to help potential buyers make their dreams of luxury ocean front living at exceptional pricing come true.

Let’s continue our exploration with a conversation with one of the internationally famed developer’s principals of Mexico City-based Grupo MEXDESA who happened to be on site when we visited the property last week. MEXDESA has spent over a quarter of a century developing the country’s finest places to live.

Q: When did you first decide to develop in Baja?
A: We fell in love with the natural beauty of the coast and spent several years  searching out the best  location on which to construct another of our world class properties.

Q: What makes Grupo MEXDESA so special?
A: We are not only rated as one of the country’s top commercial residential developers, but we do everything ourselves. This makes a huge difference in what our customers end up owning.

Q: Can you be specific?
A: Of course. PdM’s units have nore oceanfront footage than any others on the coast. There are only four units per floor. The only rooms in each unity without  an unobstructed oceanfront view are  the bathrooms. We also offer in-house financing at terms that are better than through licensed financial institutions. This is one of Baja’s Best Kept Secrets. In addition, double walls and floors insure that each unit is not.plagued with sound pollution from its neighbors (on either the same floor or units above or below).

Q: Many developmentg are beautiful. Palacio del Mar is definitely among the most beautiful. But what really sets it apart from the rest?
A:  This seems like the proper moment to talk about our compnay’s concept of ‘under the hood’ amenities (the quality that you won’t readily see at PdM but that the owners…and their guests… will get to appreciate and enjoy. It’s akin to owning/driving a well engineered automobile. What  makes it so pleasurable (besides the external beauty of the marque itself) is the excellence supporting what is visible.

Q. Could you be more specific?
A. But of course. Check out this lists (courtesy of Baja Open House’s principals Mario Restrepo and Beba Cabello) which are not usually  included as part of a residential development: a project-wide potassium water softening system;  strategically located generators to give all of our buildings power if the electricity goes out; a large refrigeration system, installed where trash is stored prior to pickup, to eliminate odors and insects…all the trash chutes on each level of each building feed into this system; a water treatment plant, discrete and attractively landscaped, to recycle all gray water; , for receiving a dedicated truck delivery bay in each tower, separate from the main lobbies & main vehicle driveways; a dedicated commercial sized elevator in each tower, for receiving furniture and oversized materials; extra water storage facilities in each tower in case of a short term outage and dedicated employee restrooms in each tower.

Q: Wow, you seem to have thought of everything to insure built-in redundancy in case of a problem. Are there any other features that you’d like to ad?
A: Actually, yes! There are many other features that set the Palacio del Mar experience above and beyond any others…and a visit to the website: www.palaciodelmar.com, or better yet a visit to the physical site itself…will help you explore these at your leisure. However, one, in particular, deserves special attention.  PdM is the only development of the Baja coast that has a large (semi Olympic sized) INDOOR heated (to 80 degrees Fahrenheit swimming pool., finished with a granite pool floor, a granite deck, a huge glass atrium above for natural light AND it is ocean front.

Before closing, we found out a few more facts about this unique place to live that readers should find interesting. Recent buyers have included a couple who had  ‘written’ a RX for each other to exercise daily. We just realized that we hadn’t mentioned the regulation sized tennis and basketball courts. Oenophiles from Hollywood have just purchased a unit that will enable them to visit Baja’s famed Valle de Guadalupe wine country. And finally, a professionally run Home Owner’s Association (HOA) is already in place.

So, next time you’re in the neighborhood (or now, if you’ve got some free time), be sure to contact the a onsite agents Beba and Mario via e-mail (at: beba@bajaopenhouse.net or mario@bajaopenhouse.net) or via phone at:
(661) 613-2601, to set up a mutually convenient appointment. They’ll show you all the ocean front options (the 2 and 3 bedroom condos and the remaining villa), plus all the other on-site amenities that are included for residents of Palacio del Mar. We wish we had the room to list them all (including the Bistro, which is about to celebrate its ground breaking) but seeing where luxury meets the sea is infinitely better!

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